About Me

History has always been one of the loves of my life.  As a child my Grandfather would often take me for a day out discovering local museums, castles and historical sites.  I built up a wide knowledge of both local and global history and as a teenager I volunteered for Canterbury Archaeological Trust. 


I first started out in genealogy looking at my own families trees.  I absolutely loved the puzzle of discovering 'real life' history and offered to help friends discover their ancestry in my spare time.  I've spent countless hours researching and learning the best ways to track down relatives lost to time and then sharing in a families amazement as I reveal their history.  


After spending many years in the Education and IT sectors I was looking for a new career, when a friend, whom I was helping to trace a family tree for, suggested that I start genealogy professionally.  So, in Nov 2019, Kilsha Family Tree Services was born!

Why Kilsha?

Kilsha is the earliest incarnation of my surname, Culshaw.  It is Celtic and means a bend or corner in a track beside a wood.  I wanted something unique and relevant in a business name and this seemed to fit, especially as it had a link to trees and to my own family history. 

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