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Boredom Busters for Lockdown 2020

So, here we all are on lockdown, some of us working full time from home, some of us hero's still working full time in the firing line for the good of others. Some of us staying safe at home either on our own or with family. If you are one of the lucky ones safe at home, its getting boring!

We've all turned to life online to keep us occupied! During a business networking zoom call I had recently I was fortunate enough to be asked to present an excerpt from a recent family tree I had worked on. I had loads of lovely comments about how interesting and enjoyable it was to watch so I have decided to start a brand new Facebook group with all my hints and tips for researching your family tree and also to showcase some of the cases I have worked on. If this is of interest to you please do click the above link and join us! Keep an eye on the Facebook Group for live reveals - which I will be doing via Zoom.

Alternatively, you could take advantage of my brand new 'Getting Started' Package - available now during lockdown only. 121 training via zoom for beginners based in the UK, learn all you need to get you started with researching your own family tree online! Great for getting stuck into and hours of fun! Send an email if you'd like to know more or to book a zoom call.

History for the kids!

Researching your family tree is a great way to get the kids involved in learning about history, and also keeping the occupied! As an ex-primary school teacher I have lots of ideas for how to make your 'Family Tree' a great project for the whole family. I'll be posting ideas here on my blog and also in my Facebook group (same one as above)

Stay Safe!

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