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Why have I named my business Kilsha?

First blog post ... So I suppose I should start with my 'slightly random' sounding business name, Kilsha. Bare with me, it all makes sense in the end.

I wanted a business name that meant something, both historically and to me. Also something that went with the business. I spent a while brainstorming and whilst I did for a while lean towards naming it after my cat, common sense prevailed and I decided to go for Kilsha. Kilsha is Celtic, and is the earliest incarnation of my surname Culshaw. It means a bend in a track or road next to a wood - (bit of a connection to trees there!) I also decided to add in the words 'Family Tree Services' to give a bit of a clue about what I do. There is still a town in the north of the UK, near Manchester called Culcheth, a later (although still very old) version of my name. When I researched my own family tree I found that we came from in and around this area.

So, there we have it! Something historic, personal to me and even with a tree in it! If you are interested in finding out what your surname means, get in touch. I can provide you with a history of your family name including areas it originated from for as little as £45.

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